Hitsteps is the essential website statistics tool for optimizing your website.

Hitsteps is a robust real-time website visitor management tool. It allows you to view and interact with your visitors in real time.

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Hitsteps Pricing

Starter Basic Pro Ultimate
Pageviews limit per month Below 10k/mo Below 50k/mo Below 500k/mo Below 1m/mo
Number of sites you can track 2 5 30 100
Detailed Data History 30 Days 60 Days 180 Days 360 Days
Uptime Monitoring 10 25
Uptime Credits (Call/SMS/Actions) 25 50
Website Statistics
Page Speed Meter
Company Profile
Battery Level Detection
Ad Block Detection
Live Dashboard
Track Downloads and External Links
Visitor Hostname and Organization
Email Reports
Custom Data (Usernames, etc.)
Advanced Visitor Segmentation
Multi-User Support
Live Online Support Button
Chat with Your Visitors
HTTPS Website Tracking
Campaigns and Goals You Can Track 5 22 50
Triggers 3 10 20 45
Number of Chat Agents and Users 1 3 10 15
Heatmap Daily Clicks 2000 6000 9000
Heatmap Archive 7 30 90
Monthly Price $4.99/mo $9.99/mo $21.99/mo $49.99/mo

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Live Dashboard
This is your control panel for real-time website statistics. The Live Dashboard provides real-time website analytics and tracking of your online visitors. Discover their country, how they found you, what page they are viewing, and much more - all on one page. We also show you how many visitors are on your website, the number of page views you've had, recent traffic sources, search keywords, and a Geo location map.
Page Analysis
Everything looks good, but visitors are not converting? Page Analysis tracks HTML element clicks to detect the best performing elements on your pages. It tracks clicks on Ajax dynamic contents, hidden elements (i.e., in-page popups and sub-menus), and even carousels and slider banners. These aggregated reports on page elements will show you exactly what is wrong on your page and which element is not getting your desired amount of clicks, be it a banner, button or a link. With a glance, you'll know what's on the page that needs to be changed.
Company Profile
We strive to detect each visitor's origin not only by city and country, but also by their connection type (home internet, cell phone internet, company internet, university internet, etc.) Once we detect a company internet, we delve into that company's website to show you valuable information about that company.
What if you place an important button in an obscure location on your website, hoping for leads that never come? Want to quickly identify the most clicked sections of your pages, and the most overlooked places on your pages? Heatmaps allow you to understand which sections of your website are grabbing the most attention and getting the most clicks.
Cross Device Users
Hitsteps creates a unique profile and track when same user access your website across smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Classic analytics track same user as a new visitor if he comes from an advertisement using a smartphone and register on your website, then login to your site via tablet and make a purchase, therefore, you get wrong understanding of your ads performence. Our WordPress and Shopify plugin have cross-device already built-in, other users can integrate this feature with a small piece of code.
Page Speed Meter
Have you ever tested your website page speed using common PageSpeed testing tools such as Google PageSpeed or GTMatrix? Would not it be perfect instead of using their super fast internet connections, you could test your page speed with your real website computer? That's right! Hitsteps log how long did it take for your web pages to fully load for each of your visitors. You can view this data for each individual user or see aggregated data of each page. Other services measure your page speed using their own (fast) servers. We measure your page speed using your visitors browsers and real life internet. If majority of your visitors use a low speed mobile device, you will know it. If your web pages take longer than you desire, you will be able to identify it here. If a recent change cause your website to load slower, you will see it here as well.
Browsers Used
It's important for all website owners to know which browser is most popular among their visitors. If your website does not display well on a particular browser, say Facebook in-app browser but displays well on Google Chrome, then you will lose a lot of traffic from Facebook visitors.
Recent Visitors
What happens if someone visits your website and you are not monitoring in real time? Will you miss this visitor's actions on your website? Absolutely not! Our Recent Visitors tracking allows you to view your visitor's information and exactly what they did while on your website. Every click and action (downloads, clicking on external links) will be logged here, and you can choose to go back in time using our unlimited date range selector.
Top Referrals
We distinguish between search engines and referrals. Referrals come from other sites that are not search engines, and it's valuable to know where your traffic originates. This is where our real-time referral tracking feature comes in handy. They could be blogs, directories, or any links that you have to your website. It doesn't matter where traffic comes from, as visitors are visitors, but you can use this data to improve and build high-quality referrers.
Keyword Analytics, Recent Searches
See what search terms are being used on search engines to find your website. This is an invaluable tool as it shows you exactly what your website visitors have been searching for. This tool allows you to view the keywords used to reach your website, ranked by their popularity. This can help you identify keywords that are working, and those that aren't, so that you can optimize them accordingly. You can also view details on a keyword to view specific visitors who used that keyword, and again view their details for more information about them.
Profile Visualization
Imagine knowing the name, email, and phone number of your visitors. Once a visitor provides their identity via your website forms (registration, contact form, comment form, etc.), Hitsteps can alias that named identity to the person's profile. This allows you to create a comprehensive picture of your visitor's identity. Profile visualization happens automatically or you can manually initiate it via integration code.
Download Reports
By using the Hitsteps website analytics tools you can also export a full range of reports for yourself or your clients. Any report can be set to use your pre-defined date/time settings and this means that you can have weekly, monthly or even annual reports. These are professional reports in CSV or PDF format. We guarantee that your clients will be impressed with the sheer amount of data that we provide.
In-depth Traffic Sources
If you own any kind of company then this is a must-have as you really need to know where your traffic is coming from. Is it from social media, blogs, advertising campaigns or from straight organic SEO and organic rankings in the search engines? Guess what, no need to guess as we show this data to you.
White label
We offer a white label service that allows you to rebrand the Hitsteps program to your own company's brand. It is a simple solution for your business, say your company is called the bestonlinemarketingcompanyintheworld.com then all you have to do is upload your logo to our white label section and add your company name. Your clients will then receive daily and monthly reports from your company name and not Hitsteps. Your clients will also view their dashboard which is branded to your company, all we do is power it and charge your clients what you wish.
Smart Uptime Reporting
Let your servers recover automatically. Know instantly, don't let your visitors be the one who notify you about your website downtime. By activating this service, we scan on your servers and websites every minute and notify you instantly if we find out they are down. we verify each downtime from multiple countries to remove false alarms.
Upon downtime, we can notify you via Call, SMS or Email. Additionally, you can define DNS Failover using Cloudflare or setup SSH commands to recover your failed website automatically.
Ad Block Detection
We detect if a visitor is using Advertisement blocking features. Some browsers such as Opera offer builtin ad blocking feature, some browsers have plugins to enable ad blocking. we detect them and generate report for you to identify visitors who use adblocks. We paint it over charts and graphs so that you can understand your loss at a glance if you depend on advertisments.
Battery Level Detection
A visitor who is running out of battery is different than a visitor who have 100% charge sitting at his office desk. We provide this valuable information for you. You can view this in each visitor profile while chatting with them using our live chat feature of when you are looking at live dashboard. There is an in-depth graph for each battery level group of visitors too!
TorBrowser detection
Many web analytics get it wrong, because they just look at what browser user agent is reporting. TorBrowser spoof it's browser name pretending to be a firefox. and it spoof operation system too. We detect if a visitor is using TorBrowser, while we cannot report what OS visitor is using while he is using TorBrowser, at least we don't report wrong information by telling you they are using Firefox 28 on Windows 7 while they are actually on a TorBrowser on macOS.
Entry/Exit Page Reporting
This is another amazing feature that we offer. For those involved in marketing, the entry or landing page is crucial. You need to ensure that if you are spending money on online advertising that it is effective. A poor landing page will mean that your customers have to search your website again to find what they are looking for. The exit page can tell you that there is an issue with your website. The real-time exit page tracking feature will display every page that your visitors are exiting your website from.
Top Keywords
This is a dynamic feature. Want to know what keywords or key phrases are driving traffic to your website? Here we show you exactly what keywords are working for you and those that are not performing as well. The real-time keyword tracking feature is ideal for those interested in making money online via affiliate sales, those performing SEO work, and webmasters in general.
Email Reporting
We included this feature for those who do not have the time to monitor their websites in real time. You can choose to have your reports emailed to a specified address daily, weekly, monthly or not at all. The email report contains the following: Number of online visitors, number of visitors, number of hits, number of page views, search engines used, top key-phrases, top referral sites, average time a visitor spends on your website, top pages and much more.
Live Support With Visitors
The online chat feature allows your website visitors to interact directly with you when you are signed into your Hitsteps account. The online chat widget can be an excellent sales feature as you can answer a customer's questions in real time. Our dashboard allows you to view who is online and you can initiate a chat with them. While chatting, you can see a preview of their message before they click on the send button while they are still typing, and you can see which page they are viewing.
Country Tracking
This is an important feature that is often overlooked. For example, if your website is in a specific niche selling flowers in Berlin, you wouldn't want thousands of visitors to your website who are from Sydney! On the other hand, if you market your product or services globally, then you need to know what countries are providing you with the most and least site traffic. This feature will provide you with all that information.
Go back in Time
Hitsteps offers two levels of analysis. The first level provides a simple summary statistics for all your page loads, unique, returning, first-time visitors, and bounce rate. The second level offers a highly detailed analysis of your latest page loads. We offer unlimited login access, so you can use the archive feature (Date range selector) to view older data and compare against past and current data.
Detailed Information
You can 'zoom in' on individual visitors and get a detailed report on where they are from, their system settings, what link referred them to your website and their navigation path through your website. You can view recent visitors and click the magnifying glass beside each to zoom in on them. Detailed reports are very powerful tools, and one of the most advanced features Hitsteps offers. It allows you to view details of everything on your stats and view visitors relating to them.
WordPress Email Integration
Hitsteps integrates with Contact form 7, Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms as well as WooCommerce New Order Emails in WordPress, so you will receive your customer's full details including IP Address, Location, Device and Browser Info, their First Visit date and time, first referrer and first landing page, and list of their recent pageviews in your email when they buy from you or contact you! Understanding the source of your true customers has never been easier. Assisting and answering your visitors' questions could be more accurate and helpful when you know which pages they viewed before contacting you.
Multiple Site & User Management
Hitsteps offers the ability to manage multiple websites from one account. You can manage your stats for all of them from that single account. Your blog, personal websites, business websites, all in one place. Easily navigate between them using the drop box on the stats pages. The 'My Sites/Overview' page allows you to get an overview of all your websites at a glance once you log in to your Hitsteps. The Total Graph shows you the sum of all your websites stats at a glance. User Management allows you to provide access to your account for multiple other users.
Download & External Link Tracking
Hitsteps Tracking will automatically track your download links. Ever wonder how many clicks you are sending to sites that you linked from your website? Hitsteps can track all external links for you and you can view them all in the referral external links section.
Live Map
Our Live Map automatically refreshes to show your current online visitors' locations using our accurate city-wide geolocation service on a world map. You can drag and zoom.
iPhone, iPad & Android Support
Hitsteps website is supported on iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices with full features. Hitsteps also has a simple generic version for those old WAP-Only devices.
Invisible Counters
Hitsteps provides both dynamic widget and invisible tracking. It allows all users to install an invisible counter on their site. This is important if you wish to include Hitsteps code on your website without it interrupting the design of your website.
HTTPS Tracking
If you run a secure site using a secure socket layer (SSL), Hitsteps Tracking code will use its HTTPS section to ensure it does not raise any security alerts when visitors use your website.
GDPR Compliance & Laws
GDPR ready. We wont even store cookies without your visitors permission. No personal information including IP address will be tracked. If any personal information is being tracked, visitor will be asked via a GDPR consent popup.
If no consent is given, we will stick to sessions and database to track the visitor and would not use cookies. We do not store IP addresses and anonymize them so they cannot be traced back to actual individuals.