Been using this software to track site visitors and would say its a very impressive system.

davidopus , https://opuscnc.co.uk

Very helpful to analyze visitors actions on my internet site. It helped me make modifications.
This system takes the most important aspects of website Analytics
It has a clean interface

zepolo , technogps.com

Love this program it is pretty cool and it know its job

I can see traffic I get and check to see who on my site

Jones198632 , thechatworld.com

I searched far and wide, and even had pre-sales discussions with very high end services who have high pressure sales people to try get you to pay $300+ per month. Hitsteps checked all the boxes for what I needed and they even added a feature (companies) I asked for. Thanks guys!

Peter Koning, peterkoning.com

Pretty comprehensive, easy to install..I have been using it for 2 months now, pretty happy

Rajiv Choudhary, markettwister.com

I have had paid memberships with over a half dozen different Analytics Services for my 3 sites; one service would have this but lack that, and another service would lack this but have that. I was skeptical about Hitsteps due to not having heard of them, but now after several months with Hitsteps I'm the one trying to make sure everyone hears of them!! The sheer diversity of analytical details they provide is unparalleled, and is surprisingly not delayed while viewing the live activity. While the goal system is a bit simplistic, it fits what my growing business needs, and that is where Hitsteps really grabbed me. On top of thorough SEO info & Referral stats, they offer a clean, reliable Customer Support Communication System (1-on-1 IMing) with customizable features. That alone is worth the costs in my accounting book! And to bring their services full-circle, on the rare occasion that I've had an issue their support staff had solved the problem before I could start my next day of using them. Being an independent business owner in internet sales, I'd recommend, if not urge, people try hitsteps so that you can start studying data instead of searching for yet another service!

Samantha Summers, samanthasummersinstitute.com/

It a good site and lots of options for seeing how and why pages are getting hits also helps you check who on-line and how your performance is on the week and month

Darrel James, darrelljamestravel.co.uk

Hitsteps has a great and simple layout that is easy to manage. The live chat support is fantastic and I've had dozens of customers compliment on it.

Ryan Smedberg,

I have been volunteering at Habitat for Humanity of West Central Minnesota and wanted to find something to track the sites for little to no cost and I found Hitsteps. Best thing ever, it is super user friendly and very affordable.

Zach Krogman, habitatwcm.org

WOW. I have been using google to track my visitors for the majority of my sites, but must admint that google is getting less and less user friendly. Your concept, which I found by searching for a visitor tracker under my plugin section of my site, is soo much better.
It offers all the features I need, and in a super easy to use manner. It would have been nice to have found you a looong time ago - but I am here - and I have found you.
Thanks a billion for a great product!

Chris Jensen, Zethus.net

I have been using the Hitsteps website and service to track visitors to my blog and my website for almost a year now, With all the features available to track and monitor visitors it is an extremely valuable tool to have. It has helped me analyze traffic and make solid decisions on the type of advertising to buy.
My favorite feature is the Live Support Module, it is like having the ability to wait on my customers as they come in the store. It has helped me answer questions for customers and close many sales. Hitsteps is definitely a great value for the money I recommend it to everyone and include links and instructions on every invoice to my customers so they can track their advertising campaigns they purchase from me.

Nick Gasparro, preferredtraffic.net

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