It is so easy to register for a hitsteps account and get your website's API Key to use with plugins. ( or tracking code to track html pages )
It takes less than 1 minute.

1. Please register for an account on hitsteps ( Click here to open registration page )


2. Enter your Website name and URL

website info

3. Here is your API code! wasn't it easy?

hitsteps api code

If you need a tracking code, you can see that the tracking code in on the same page too.

To make sure you have installed hitsteps code successfully in your site, Please click on Dashboard ( top left ) and open your dashboard page and then open your website, it must show your currently online visitors.

In left, Tracking Code or API is not tracking, once we get an information, You'll see online visitors ( in right ).
It is live, you don't need to refresh dashboard periodically.

not tracking tracking