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Welcome to Hitsteps Ultimate Web Analytics Integration Guide for Google Tag Manager.

Installation is very easy, here is step by step guide on process.

  1. Login to your Hitsteps account
  2. Add your website name to Hitsteps and you will be given an Hitsteps API Code
  3. If you already added your website, Open My Sites page and click on Setting button beside your website name.
  4. Copy Hitsteps Javascript Tracking Code, not API code ( highlight code using mouse left click and then right click and click on Copy)
  5. Login to your Google Tag Manager panel and click on Add new tag.
  6. Name your Tag Hitsteps and click on Tag Configuration.
  7. Choose Custom HTML Tag.
  8. Paste Tracking code you just copied into HTML Field. (right click on html field and click on Paste)
  9. Click on Trigerring
  10. Choose All Pages
  11. Save the tag
  12. Submit Changes
  13. Publish Changes to your website

Enjoy! Your Hitsteps will now begin tracking visitor information.