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Hitsteps provides live visitor tracking and website stats for Drupal

To use Hitsteps module on your Drupal based CMS, you simply need to:

Download Drupal 7 Plugin: v1.01 for Drupal 7.x
Last Update: 06 May 2015

Drupal v7:

  1. Download our Drupal Module for Drupal v7
  2. Open your website FTP and open folder where you have drupal installed on.
  3. Open modules folder in your FTP.
  4. Unzip plugin ( right click on module file and click "Extract Here..."
  5. If there is another compressed file where you can right click and choose extract, do it. otherwise go to next step.
  6. Copy folder named "Hitsteps" into your FTP modules folder.
  7. Please get your hitsteps API Key. ( Here is how )
  8. Copy Hitsteps API Code ( highlight code using mouse left click and then press Ctrl+C )
  9. Log into your Drupal website admin.
  10. On left sidebar, click "Administer"
  11. again on left sidebar, click Site Building.
  12. Now click on Modules
  13. Scoll to very bottom of module list and you will see "Hitsteps"
  14. click on Checkbox to enable Hitsteps and click on Save Configuration button.
  15. on left panel, click on Site Configuration.
  16. click on Hitsteps.
  17. Paste Hitsteps API code you got from Hitsteps website in specified textbox.
  18. Click on Site Building on left panel and then "Blocks"
  19. Click Save on Top.
  20. Choose/Drag Hitsteps from Disabled or <none> to Footer.
  21. Click on "Save Blocks" and That is it!

Your Hitsteps will now begin tracking visitor information.