Plugins - Wordpress


There are two types of wordpress system.

One that is hosted on and one that is hosted on your own website and they both have different installation methods.
Wordpress system that is installed on your own hosting ( which you pay for ) can be configured easily by using the Hitsteps plugin for Wordpress. blogs need to modified by adding an html widget and inserting the Hitsteps code.
Here is how:

1. Please get your hitsteps API Key. ( Here is how )

2. Login to your wordpress administration dashboard.

3, On plugin section, click on "Add New"

add new

4. Search for hitsteps.

5. Click on "Install Now"

6. Confirm Installation.

7. Activate Plugin

8. Click on "enter your hitsteps API key" link.

9. Enter your hitsteps API Code you got earlier and click on Save

10. Enjoy! you can view quick summary of your website in your wordpress dashboard and if you click on Live Dashboard button in it, You'll redirected to our website where you can access in-depth detail about your website visitors.

Wordpress on ( Limited Support ) don't allow javascript codes to run for security of their own shared hosting, we recommend you to get dedicated hosting for your wordpress to unleash power of wordpress.

  1. Please get your hitsteps API Key. ( Here is how )
  2. Log into administration. ( or Add /wp-admin/ at end of your website URL to login)
  3. Click "My Dashboard" in the top navigation bar.
  4. Click "Appearance" and then click "Widgets" in the left navigation bar.
  5. In the "Available Widgets" section, add a "Text" widget.
  6. A new "Text" option will now appear under the "Current Widgets" section of your wordpress dashboard - click the "Edit" link.
  7. Enter your Hitsteps tracking code into the main body of the Text Widget.
    Important: does not support javascript code. therefore, you need to enter only <noscript>........</noscript> part of hitsteps tracking code in it.
  8. Click "Done".
  9. Click "Save Changes" and that's it!

Your Hitsteps will now begin tracking visitor information.