Google will review “Not Provided” withholding keywords

Google has been moved to secure search in October 2011 and slowly it applied to more and more users. It was a shocking news to publishers to see some of the keywords are hidden. Now, Google have hidden almost 95% of the keywords to protect users privacy, but it is time that Google reexamine this issue. Google is now looking for a better solution.

Amit Singhal, Google search chief mentioned in a conversation that:

Over a period of time, we [Google’s search and ad sides] have been looking at this issue…. we’re also hearing from our users that they would want their searches to be secure … it’s really important to the users. We really like the way things have gone on the organic side of search.

I have nothing to announce right now, but in the coming weeks and months as [we] find the right solution, expect something to come out.

It is the video for this conversation: