Hitsteps is faster than ever!

We have implemented few layer of optimization as well as active CDN networks in more than 33 countries around the world.

Our tracking code javascript have been automatically moved to CDN networks and it will load faster for your visitors result in faster load time for your website.

Additionally, all of hitsteps dashboard content will be cached in a CDN just near your location as well as your own browser, so you can expect very fast switching between sections of dashboard.

No matter where you are from, CloudFlare service will detect your location and serve our website to you at fastest speed possible.

Be careful, it is fast. don’t drink and analyze!

Web Analytics Whitelabel API

We are ready to expand and partner with be your new partner. Hitsteps have a new set of API functions that allow you to control almost everything which is related to your whitelabel brand and users under your whitelabel.

Our API command set is in PHP but it get input as POST return all data as JSON which make it up for a peaceful integration with almost every programming languages.

Here is list of commands we are currently offering (As of May 2015): Token based authentication, Search Account by Email, ID or Tracking API Key, Get account info, Get API Key from URL, Get list of tracking websites, Get list of accounts, Change email and password of users, Create a new account, Add a new website for tracking, Activate trial, Activate License for a specific duration, Convert licenses, get list of available plans, Get last 7 days pageviews and visits of websites, get auto-authenticated link to all report pages.

We have a full set of plugins we offer for WordPress and Joomla which we can rebrand them at your request. Are you ready? drop us a hint!