5 Alternative Ways To Sell Your Products

In today’s e-commerce-driven market, it can be challenging to find ways to sell your products. There is great potential with e-commerce because people do so much of their shopping online, yet with so many online vendors it can be nearly impossible to stand out from the crowd and sell your products especially when you are first starting out. It is for this reason why it is helpful to be aware of a few alternative ways to sell your products. These methods could give you a unique edge which will boost your sales and improve your brand awareness. This can, in turn, increase your sales.

1. Your Own Self-Hosted E-Commerce Store

Having your own e-commerce store is a great way to sell your products online because it puts you in complete control and you do not have to pay to use a hosted store. It can take some time and effort to run and operate an online store, but it can also be highly rewarding to build a store from the ground up. Additionally, you can use dropshipping, which means that you do not have to worry about inventory or storage because the vendor is responsible for shipping to the customer.

2. Across Multiple Marketplaces

When a consumer needs to purchase a product, it is likely that they will visit any of the following popular marketplaces:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart

This means that you will want to sell your products across multiple marketplaces. Creating listings and managing orders can be tricky and time-consuming which is why it is a good idea to use a marketplace integration service. This should include Amazon inventory management along with other marketplaces so that it can be easy to manage your listings from one central source.

3. Google Shopping

People also use Google to search for products so you will want to appear on Google Shopping. This is achieved by setting up a Merchant Centre account and create a Shopping Campaign in Google Ads.

4. Social Media Influencers

Influencers can have a huge impact on the success of a brand and even influence trends and popular culture. If you are able to get a social media influencer to recommend your products on their page (for a price) with a direct link it could help you to tap into an entirely new market and boost sales.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is another excellent platform particularly for those selling art and jewelry. You can sell here by setting up a business account and use Promoted Pins to advertise your products and then encourage people to follow your account.

These are just a few alternative ways to sell your products online. The key to success when it comes to e-commerce is making sure that your products are available and visible everywhere that your target customer shops. This means that you need to identify who your target customer is and where they shop so that you can create and optimize listings to increase the visibility of your product. When you do this across multiple platforms, it should significantly boost sales and brand awareness.

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