A Checklist for Working in Southeast Asia

Looking for your next career move overseas? Southeast Asia is abundant with job opportunities for those preparing to work in this location, whether temporarily while traveling or on a full-time relocation basis. Southeast Asia is a popular destination for tourists and workers alike, with plenty of opportunities, rewarding experiences, and prosperous career choices.

There are many things you will need to think about when considering a career move to Southeast Asia, and an important checklist you should follow when preparing.

Consider Your Location Carefully

It may be that you are open to any Southeast Asian country, or you may prefer to hone in on one specific region and dedicate your time and work to one area. Countries such as Singapore and Thailand are very popular destinations. For example, if your work is concentrating on the IT sector, Singapore, in particular, may present more job opportunities for you. However, remember that more opportunities inevitably mean more competition, so be prepared for that.

Check Specialized Recruitment Companies

With recruitment assistance by your side during this time of job hunting, you will make it a lot easier. This is because they have extensive knowledge of the location and the jobs on offer. They can even have specialist knowledge in your particular skill area, which will ensure that you are being informed of the right job opportunities available. For example, if you are searching for a job in the IT sector, enlisting the help of a local recruitment company will ensure you find the opportunities which suit you best. Therefore, if you are starting a job search in Bangkok, get in touch with local recruitment experts to see how they can improve your chances of succeeding in the IT sector. You will be certain to receive professional advice from recruiters in your chosen Southeast Asia location.

Think About the Job You Would Like to Do

It may be that you have transferrable and professional skills you would like to bring to the Asian job market. This could be in the realm of business or digital skills that are easily transferable. Working in Southeast Asia could see you taking on an overseas business contract, a freelance position, or working remotely for certain areas of business.

If your job-seeking leaves you looking for a more casual or seasonal role, there are many jobs you can consider in order to learn valuable skills and spend time during a trip earning money and helping others.

This could be:

  • A teaching position, such as teaching English
  • Seasonal tourism positions, like diving or swimming instructors
  • Writing or blogging, particularly in the realms of the travel market if you are visiting Asia from a travel writer point of view
  • Photographer
  • Tour guide
  • Website design
  • Translation services
  • Consider the Skills You Can Offer

A lot of overseas positions are based on urgent needs or important roles. This means that you’re more likely to stand a higher chance in the job market if you have relevant skills and experience, and can easily show that you do with your job history. Certain jobs may offer you an opportunity without experience or the possibility of learning on the job, but if you’re hoping to go into a top position, you’re going to need the relevant skills.

If you’re serious about moving into a certain job market in Southeast Asia, you may wish to research which skills and experience are needed, and then look to gain these before you actually relocate or apply for jobs in your chosen destination.

Understand the Way of Life

Relocating to work isn’t just about the job market; it’s also about a complete lifestyle change and learning how to best communicate with the natives and locals, which you will undoubtedly meet through your employment. You need to be sure that you also feel confident and comfortable with the etiquette and way of life of your chosen place to work and live.

You should also take the time to understand workplace etiquette in your chosen field, especially if it is different from the workplace environment you are used to.

Check Your Visa and Insurance Requirements

Depending on the country you are moving to or traveling from, you may need a visa to initially enter your chosen country. Furthermore, you may then need a working visa for a set length of time depending on how long your employment will last, or how long you intend it to last for.

You also need to be sure to take out relevant insurance, which will not only cover your trip but be applicable to the field of work you’re going into. For this, you need to analyze the risks involved with your chosen area of work, as certain job roles may require higher insurance policies.

Find Your Perfect Job Role in Southeast Asia

Considering any country in Southeast Asia for your next job opportunity is a rewarding endeavor. There is a wealth of job opportunities to be found in this location, whether you’re a seasoned businessman, an entrepreneur, or a traveler looking for a way to fund their adventures. Be sure to understand the steps to take before entering this particular job market, so you can be better prepared and stand more of a chance of job success.

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