How to Keep Your Network Marketing Business Organized

Network marketing is plagued with misconceptions and myths, despite being a multi-billion-dollar industry that’s full of success stories. It’s a great alternative for anyone looking to start their own home-based business, be their own boss, or find a supplementary income that has the potential of growing into a full-time gig. 

Many people who are just starting out fall into the same trap where they don’t see their new multi-level marketing (MLM) business as a business and, therefore, don’t treat it as such. However, successful network marketers, such as the marketers at, know that social network marketing is a great way to earn a sustainable income over the long-term if done right. This means realizing that you are indeed running a business from scratch. The key to doing anything the right way is to dedicate the right amount of time to it and, more importantly, stay organized. 

Here are some tips on how to organize your network marketing business. 

Write everything in a planner

Investing in a high-quality planner is a wise idea, because it can dramatically improve your productivity. Having a physical planner, rather than keeping digital notes scattered around, helps your brain unpack information and focus better on the tasks at hand. 

If you think digital planning is for you, there are plenty of digital planner apps that can organize your business. Google Calendar is one example where you can input meetings, reminders, and any tasks on your daily to-do list, and it conveniently syncs across all your devices to keep you on track.

Have a separate notebook dedicated to customers and prospects

Separating your daily operations from your customers and prospects is a must. It’s imperative for network marketing to keep contact information at the ready so you can follow up or reach out at a later time for updates, ‘thank you’s, and sharing testimonials. Include your prospect or customer’s name, the date you connected, their contact information, how you connected with them (i.e. in person, on social media, etc.), and briefly write out what action was taken when you connected (i.e. shared a link to buy, scheduled a meeting, etc.). 

Use a bookkeeping service to stay on top of finances

Managing your costs and profits is a basic part of running an at-home business. Not everyone is a finance expert, so if you want to keep it simple and organized, make use of bookkeeping software that you can easily manage yourself. Be sure to keep track of the sales you make directly, the sales your downlines make that you get a portion of, as well as any expenses from travelling or buying supplies. 

Utilize an email marketing system Keeping a connection to all of your customers and prospects can be difficult, especially as your network grows. Over the long run, connections you have made may fade out of your close network and communication may slowly dwindle. You can avoid this from happening by having an email marketing plan. You can include product updates, team updates or accolades, and testimonials. It’s also a good opportunity to send out thank you emails or follow up with prospects to keep them in the sales funnel. 

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