How You Can Get Your Work-Life Balance Right When You Run Your Own Business

Many business owners find it difficult to get the balance of working and relaxation right. This can be due to the fact that they’re working from home, so aren’t actually making that physical break. For others, it can be more of a mental thing than a physical action. You’ll often find that those who run their own business often live and breathe what they do. It becomes all-consuming and therefore is a constant in whatever they’re doing.

However, this isn’t in anyone’s interest nor is it a healthy (both mentally and physically) place to be. Relaxation, de-stressing and generally having time away from your business is a necessity. It can reduce stress, improve creativity, and help the mind and body cope with it all.

Of course, if you find it difficult to switch off from your business, then there are things that you can do to help.


1. Adopt a hobby or an interest that is entirely removed from your line of work


You will find that adopting a hobby or an interest that you can immerse yourself in will certainly stop your mind from thinking about work, your business, or what you need to get done in the days ahead. Even more so if your interest or hobby is nothing whatsoever to do with your business. For instance, Mike Savage New Canaan a successful virtual accountant has multiple interests and hobbies.

In some, he’s a true enthusiast and has taken the time to help others learn more about the subjects he’s interested in. Such as creating the perfect fishpond for his koi carp, and how to look after these beautiful fish and also sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for muscle cars.

Like Savage, there’s no reason at all why you can’t have multiple interests and/or hobbies. Finding things that take your mind and your creativity to other levels or awaken your passion for learning is a good thing. This is because it will separate your working world from your private life, even if you’re living and working within the same space.

2. Invest in different working methods that continue to work while you rest


Of course, it can help to know that your business is functioning well and continuing to make money while you’re off doing something a lot more enjoyable or fun. There are different ways to go about this, but you’ll have to invest either money or time and effort into making sure that they perform well.


Website analytics

Putting in place some website analytics that can follow your customer’s progress around your site will be highly beneficial for a few reasons. It will show you the areas of your website that are getting the desired amount of attention as well as those that aren’t.

This valuable software will gather information even while you’re not working so you’ll be able to see how your website works and adapt and improve it accordingly.



This is another very valuable tool. However, you need to hire the correct agency to be able to help you get the best results, rather than try your hand at doing it yourself. SEO is a very clever method of having your business move up the rankings on search engines such as Google. Without it, your business is unlikely to get to the top spaces or even the best pages. This will mean that customers searching for the products or services that you provide will see your competitor’s website before seeing yours (if you actually get to feature on the pages at all).

This could cause your business to lose out on an awful lot of sales. An SEO agency will provide you with backlinks, content, and niche-appropriate keywords which will concentrate your website on your target market. All these actions will be going on behind the scenes, all you’ll notice is the upturn in visitors to your website and increased sales volume when the right people find your business on the internet.



Investing in chatbots is also a good move. They’ll be able to converse with your website visitors, answer basic questions, and provide a friendly introduction to your customer–business relationship.

These too, don’t stop just because you’re away from your computer, or your mind is elsewhere. This gives you the peace of mind that your potential and current customers are being dealt with and that you’ll be able to contact those that haven’t managed to access a suitable answer or outcome to their queries.



There are so many aspects of your business that you can set up to work automatically. For instance, with good CRM software, you’ll be able to automate your emails which can lead to your marketing strategies. Supplying an email to welcome a customer to your business and thank them for their first order could be the first step.

Follow this up with notifications on when their order will be dispatched, and then further sales offers on a periodical basis. This can mean that every one of your customers gets led down the same path regardless of when they make their first purchase, and you won’t even have to lift a finger.


Social media

Social media posts can also be automated to a degree. Using businesses such as Hootsuite means that you can write all your posts in one go should you wish, or whenever you get the time and then schedule them to be released at optimal times of the day or week.

However, to get your social media posts converting at their best, you should take into account the demographic of the people using each particular platform. For instance, younger users tend to opt for TikTok and Instagram, whereas older users opt for platforms like Facebook.


Final thoughts


So, with this in mind you don’t have to be at your desk all of the time, nor do you have to be continuously thinking about your business for it to continue to perform well. Taking this into account and taking advantage of those additions could mean that you and your loved ones start to enjoy your free time a lot more and that you can get more out of life than being a business owner.

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