Polishing Up Your Marketing Content: A Guide

When you’re showing off your business, brand, products or services online, you want your content to shine in order to communicate professionalism and trustworthiness to your audience. If you’re showing off shabby and dated content, you’re likely to be perceived as a poor company to trade with throughout the ultra-competitive world of the internet. As such, this article advocates a better, cleaner marketing content model, which some key tips to help you build out a more convincing marketing campaign this year.

Content Designers

Your content starts with the creatives that you’re able to employ in order to make some of the best pictorial, video and textual content on the internet. You can either hire creatives for this purpose, or bring in outsourced help to ensure that your content is in the best-possible condition to use in your campaigns.

When you’re setting up a new campaign, ensure there is some form of continuity with your previous campaigns in order to show consumers a brand that they may recognize and trust. Meanwhile, you should be daring in what you show consumers, as it’s often the most outlandish and bold adverts that capture attention on the web. Finally, ensure that you’re making content in many formats in order to share it widely throughout the internet.


Your marketing content will be shared on your free channels, like on social media, as well as on paid channels where you spend cash to have your marketing content seen by web users across the world wide web. In both cases, you need to ensure your content is tailored for the specific site that it’s being published on. Often, this means editing for mobile optimization, and to ensure the right viewing format on social media or content sharing websites.

A great example of formatting for a specific platform is YouTube marketing, where your advert is placed before the video that a consumer is excited to watch. You can use companies like True View on YouTube to ensure your advert is optimized for the time period that they usually show on the platform, while guaranteeing that your marketing material is watched instead of skipped.

Messaging and Branding

Finally, while all marketing content is designed to promote your products and to drive sales, it’s also important to bear in mind that your messaging and branding remains as important as ever in articulating your business’ core values and beliefs to targeted audiences that you’re attempting to tap into. Understanding the cues and references that your audience will appreciate is key in this regard.

As such, you should have a high-level conversation about the branding and messaging that goes with your marketing content as you set out on a new campaign. What are you trying to make people feel, and who are you trying to wink to across the internet, with a specific aesthetic style and messaging syntax? This is where you’ll deliver some basic ideas to your creative team who will work them into prototypes to build your brand further.

Make sure you’re polishing up your marketing content and using the tips outlined above to convert more of your marketing spend into sales in 2020 and beyond.

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