How Can Digital Animation Transform Your Business?

In today’s increasingly innovative and evolving society, it has never been more crucial for businesses to embrace new trends and utilize the latest technologies to transform their brand from ordinary to extraordinary.

Digital animation is the perfect example of how businesses can boost their brand image and improve their customer experience with the implementation of just one highly effective and state of the art technology.

Interested to know how else digital animation can be used to revolutionize your business?

From improving upon your existing business operations, to enhancing your digital marketing strategy, to improving your user experience, keep reading to discover how digital animation can, and will, transform your brand in 2020 and beyond.

To improve your business operations

At the core of every business is how it operates, with the choices that you make as a company having the ability to either save or cost you money. Digital animations are a great idea for brands who are looking for an affordable way to make a big impact on their business.

When you choose an animation and design studio such as to create digital animations for your business, you can rest assured that the process will be quick, easy and relatively low cost in comparison to shooting a live video.

Plus, digital animations have the added benefit of not becoming dated as quickly as other types of videos so they will be relevant for longer.

To boost your brand image

Digital animations can be incredibly innovative and exciting, meaning that your brand will also appear more cutting-edge if you choose this type of design for your business.

CG animations, motion videos and virtual reality can all help to improve your branding and show that you are up to date with the latest technologies.

To enhance your digital marketing strategy

Video content is becoming increasingly popular with 87% of marketers using video as a marketing tool, so as a brand you need to ensure that you are posting consistent, relevant and most importantly, original content.

Digital animation can be used to create stimulating social videos that will engage and interact with your target audience. Plus, social videos that use digital animation are much more shareable meaning that they can dramatically increase brand awareness.

To launch new products or services

Branded digital animation films are a great way to effectively launch a new product or service, offering a unique way to attract existing and new customers to your website.

You can also take advantage of animated product videos to showcase the specific features of your new product, utilizing CG modelling to enhance user experience and to create a buzz ahead of your product launch.  

To boost conversion rates

As well as having the ability to engage with potential customers, digital animations are also able to inspire them to make purchases. In fact, statistics reveal that having an animated video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by a massive 86%.

Plus, digital animation can successfully market any type of product or service, meaning that all businesses can take advantage of this highly effective and engaging way of interacting with users.

So, if you are looking to stand out from the competition in 2020, you should definitely consider looking into digital animation for your next TV commercial, brand film, explainer video or social media content.

What have you got to lose?

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