How To Make Business Meetings More Engaging

Lots of people think that meetings are a waste of time, but this isn’t always the case. Sure, many meetings take too long, and often, nothing is accomplished, but it is possible to make your meetings more productive and useful.

All you need to do is make a few small tweaks, and you will notice that both you and your employees get more out of every single meeting.

Here are four ways you can make business meetings more engaging.

Ask Employees What They Want Meetings To Look Like

One of the best ways to improve meetings for everyone is by asking your employees what they want meetings to look like. After all, the main goal for most meetings is for employees to learn and collaborate, so it is essential to have a meeting format that the employees enjoy.

So take the time to speak to employees and see if they have any suggestions for future meetings. For instance, some employees may think that the meetings are too long, so you could only host 30-minute meetings going forward (just make sure to bullet point everything beforehand so you don’t miss anything). This will also show employees that you value them and listen to them, which means they are more likely to feel motivated and productive.

Do you want to do this? If so, consider using a free survey website to create a survey that can be sent to all employees. There are lots of free sites to choose from, including Google forms, which is ideal for employees who use Gmail.

Consider Meeting In New Spaces

Break up the normal routine by meeting employees in new spaces, such as a coffee shop. This will make the meeting more exciting, and it helps to stop your employees from feeling like they are stuck in a rut. You could even host meetings outside, as research has found that people are more productive and creative when they are near nature – just make sure to choose a day when the weather is warm and mild!

Use Visuals To Make The Meeting More Interesting

Do you find that your employees struggle to stay focused during meetings? If so, consider gaining help from Interactive Solutions, who can provide audio visuals to keep employees on track. This is a great way to make meetings more engaging, and research has also found that photos and videos help people to retain information better. So if you plan on discussing something complex or difficult, it could be useful to embrace some audio visuals.

Show Appreciation To Employees

Finally, you should always take the time to thank employees for their work. A recent study found that over 80% of employees are motivated by appreciation from their bosses, so it is a very easy way to boost employee morale.

If you decide to do this, consider showing appreciation at the beginning of the meeting. This means that the meeting starts on a positive note, so everyone is more likely to engage with each other successfully.

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