Tips for Empowering Employees in Digital Transformation

As companies both big and small transition to a digital approach in terms of conducting business, it is vital to ensure that employees are sufficiently supported and guided throughout the journey. While some employees (namely, those who have been utilizing technology for much of their lives) will adapt rather seamlessly, other employees (particularly those from older generations) may have a slightly more difficult time when it comes to making the necessary changes.

Here are some tips for successfully empowering all employees in digital transformation.

Transition gradually

It can be quite jarring for an employee to completely change the way that they have been doing their job for years in a matter of a few weeks. Therefore, if you are keen to make the switch over to digital, do your best to introduce the new technology and ways of working in a slow and steady fashion, giving your employees time and space to get comfortable and to ask all of the necessary questions.

Enroll them in online courses

What better way in which to learn how to navigate the digital realm than through the digital realm itself? There are countless online courses available to aid your team in mastering the art of the internet and technology in relation to business. For example, offers world-class Excel online courses, most of which are well-suited to beginners.

Be patient and understanding

Communicate to your employees that you do not expect them to become digital experts immediately. Let them know that it is alright to make mistakes and to let you know when they are struggling. In fact, you should encourage this! Making mistakes means that they are actively exploring what works and what doesn’t, and coming to you when they are having a difficult time means that you can guide them in the right direction and get productivity quickly back on track.

Adopt a culture of ongoing learning

The digital world is continuously evolving, so it is important that your business, your employees, and their skillsets are too. Adopt a culture of ongoing learning and do your best to constantly keep your team in the loop, encouraging them to do their own research and make their own recommendations regarding industry- and technology-related advancements. At the very least, strive to set up regular ‘refresher’ courses or workshops relating to core digital skills and competencies within your business.

Pair employees up with mentors

There are certain to be a few employees who are more tech-savvy than others. Take advantage of this by pairing up the digitally advanced employees with the technology-challenged team members. Employees will always learn better and faster when guided by their peers – plus, it will free up your time as a business owner to focus on other pertinent aspects of your establishment rather focusing solely on digital transformation.

The bottom line? Slow and steady wins the race. Give your employees time to adapt and take action to ensure adequate support throughout the transition phase and beyond. You will have a well-oiled digital-friendly business on your hands before you know it!

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