Must Have WordPress Real time Stats Plugin

When basic web pages started appearing decades ago, there was not many websites. There was not any way to track visitors of a website, and there was absolutely not enough data and technology about IP Address location and User-Agent and other information of a visitor. Actually All websites were just texts!

first-websiteAs web advanced further, Images appeared and websites changed from basic text to programmed pages. This programmed pages could count number of visits each page have. It grow further and they started logging more information such as IP Address, time of visit, Referrals and URL of the page.


Many years goes by, but server-side programmed analytics options only cover that base area! they didn’t change a bit. Nowadays, some websites get more bot and scrappers visit their website than a human do, and guess what? this ancient loggers track those bots and rendering a useless analytics data (to name, AWStats)


When WordPress appeared, there was many good options available, some provided a basic counter, some provided better Interface to understand data and some went further and mix all this data together to get something out of it, yet, it was not complete! They all miss some information, none of options were complete and all of them were tracking those spiders and bots!
Yes, even Google Analytics track those spammers and bots and yet, it is not even a real time analytics.


That’s why we created hitsteps analytics. we log all of this data, remove those who are appeared in daily list of spammers, bots and scrappers, analyze those data and provide you webmasters with real time data of what happening at your website at a very detailed visitor level, including heatmaps for clicks and integrating a live chat system to it, so that you can follow each of your visitors steps in your website and guide them by typing to them and receiving response back!

We packaged extract all possible data from a single hit! and provide them to you in a clean and easy to use interface, which is not confusing! You don’t need to go and follow long wizards to just generate a report showing you popular pages of your website! you just click on Popular pages and you can see number of hits each page get.

You post an article and instantly, you can see how visitors are responding to this article. It can be addictive, don’t complain we didn’t tell you!

You can install Hitsteps Ultimate Analytics WordPress Plugin and follow registration steps to get it activated and running in no time. get it now, it is free!

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