Business Security Trends in 2021

Business trends come and go, but when it comes to security you need to pay attention. There will always be security concerns, and a business needs to be aware of the new techniques criminals are using to break into businesses both online and offline. Protecting your business is a full-time job, and that means it’s always valuable to keep aware of the latest business security trends. By knowing more about those trends, you will be better able to identify which ones are most relevant for your brand.

2020 saw major changes for businesses, but security remains of paramount importance. If you want to keep your business safer in 2021, here are the security trends that you need to know about.

A Shift in Security Architecture

It’s no secret that 2020 saw millions of people working from home for the first time. Without the need to go into offices, those remote teams were productive and happier. The problem for security is that cybercriminals suddenly had potential access to the security architecture that you want to keep them away from. That’s because most employees working from home do not have the robust online security tools that they do in the office, making them easier prey for thieves.

In 2021, security architecture will need to focus on the endpoint rather than the traditional ‘walled perimeter’ of the workplace. The result will be a more cloud-based security process and a security system that protects users at that all-important endpoint.

Physical Security

The stereotype of the cybercriminal is that they all sit in a darkened basement scrolling through code to find gaps in a security network. That’s a far cry from reality. Cybercriminals can vary, but they are increasingly likely to prefer having physical access to business property. That’s because they can find weaknesses much more easily, and that means your physical security needs to be as much a priority as your firewalls and passwords.

Even a simple burglary could be too much for a business to handle in 2021, so property security is essential. This year, having Access Control systems is the proven way to keep a business safer, with biometric options being the big new trend in the physical security sector. Don’t dismiss physical security just because we live in the digital age.

Phishing and Ransomware

Most employees have some kind of training about the importance of being able to spot phishing scams, but they remain one of the more popular forms of cyber-attack. As office workers started working from home, those phishing and ransomware attacks became even more popular, often using Covid-related messages to encourage people to click on hostile links. Education is going to be the key here, as employees who remain working at home are going to need to be regularly updated about potential security risks. The use of VPNs and edge-based authorization tools are likely to be one of the big shifts in business security in 2021.

Protecting your business means addressing a wide range of potential issues. As always, the key is awareness. The more that you and your teams understand the methods that criminals use to harm your brand, the easier it will be to ensure that you stay safer. From remote workers to new scams, protect your business and your 2021 will be much more likely to succeed.

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