The Best Colors For Amazing Web Design

There are a lot of aspects that go into designing a visually appealing website to represent your business’s brand.

Not only do you have to put into consideration SEO fundamentals, but you also need to factor in the color scheme of your company website.

Thus, choosing a suitable theme for your website shouldn’t be done haphazardly and without careful consideration. You need to understand that the color you select for your website helps to communicate with your potential customers on an emotional level.

Sure, your site’s content and testimonials can play a major role in communicating your brand’s message to users, but your color selection helps to accomplish the job of captivating your viewers just as much.

Importance of Choosing the Correct Color Scheme for Your Brand’s Website

Since this article is aimed at providing its readers with information pertaining to choosing an appropriate color scheme to help boost customer lead conversion rates, it is vital to comprehend the importance of choosing an appealing color scheme for your website.

  • Generates Brand Recognition.

You need to understand that your website is a visual representation of what your business brand advocates for.

By selecting a color scheme that appropriately matches your brand, it will make your site memorable to site visitors.

Studies have also indicated that website color boosts a brand’s recognition by up to 80%, which can also contribute towards improving your sales margin.

  • A Good Color Scheme Can Help Influence How Users Interact With Your Website.

Were you aware of the fact that 90% of visitors’ first impression based on your website is dependent on its color?

A thorough understanding of the psychology of color is key to help build psychological connections with potential customer leads.

In summary, you can seek the expertise of web design agencies such as to help come up with colors that can help elicit positive emotional reactions from your site visitors.

3 Top Colors to Select for Your Next Web Design Project

  1. Warm Colors

This selection of colors is known to illicit an energetic reaction from website visitors, however, when they are solely used on a site.

They become a bit too over-stimulating; thus, it’s always a great idea to pair them up with neutral color schemes in order to achieve a sense of balance. A few examples of warm colors include Pink, Red, Orange, and Yellow.

  1. Cool Colors

Cool colors tend to create a calming effect on users of a site, which makes it clear why they are frequently used in numerous web design projects.

Nevertheless, if the cool colors are overused, they can create an impersonal feeling on your website. This may make your brand seem cold and aloof. Some examples include Purple, Blue, and Green.

  1. Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are fantastic when mixed together with cool or warm colors in a web design project.

Web designers who use neutral colors strive to bring about a sense of balance in the web design projects that they work on.

A few examples of neutral colors are Brown, Gray, and Black.

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