Why You Need a Dedicated Gaming Mouse

It is possible to have a positive gaming experience with a normal PC mouse, but a gaming mouse can take your ventures to the next level. These devices are made specifically with gaming in mind and operate to enhance the whole experience. This guide has come together to explain the reasons why you should consider investing in a dedicated gaming mouse.


DPI stands for dots per inch. This figure dictates how a mouse responds and its speeds when it comes to gaming pixel representation and manoeuvring. You will notice that some sites have super high DPI figures (above 15,000. This is just unnecessary for gaming as you won’t have the control that is required for gameplay. When it comes to buying a gaming mouse, it’s not about the highest number – it is about the adjustability factor. These devices allow the user to adjust the DPI settings, which means they can be tailored to different types of gaming and for different types of gamers. With a lower setting, your mouse has further to move, and it is harder work. Incremental increases are the best way to find what works for you.

Wired vs Wireless

The majority of gaming mice are wireless but wired options do exist. When it comes to gaming, wireless reigns supreme because it allows for a better degree of flexibility and more freedom. But it tends to be heavier than the weight alternative owing to the addition of a battery. That being said, wireless seems to be the better option as it lets your respond more rapidly and move more intuitively and in sync with your platform. Production is focussing more and more on this aspect as you can see from this Gaming Mouse selection.


For a mouse to be its optimum responsive self, it needs to have a high polling rate. Specialist gaming mice tend to err on the side of high when it comes to polling because it allows for a greater response time and less erratic cursor movement on your screen. These are all desirable traits for gamers.


The sensor is the part underneath the mouse that responds to the surface and dictates movement. The biggest problem for gaming mice vs normal mice is that normal mice tend to overcorrect angles and trajectory whereas gaming mice allow for more fluidity and flexibility in the gameplay. It is unlikely that, unlike when you’re working, you’ll be moving your mouse in a strictly straight line during a gaming session, so your mouse needs to account for that.


All in all, a gaming mouse can be a valuable asset in any gaming setup. They can bring an extra element of precision to a gaming arena that just cannot be achieved through a standard mouse for standard devices. Look for an adjustable DPI so you can create bespoke gameplay, make sure those sensors are gaming focussed, and search for a high (but not too high) polling rate. These are all key qualities that make your gaming so much better.