The Benefits of Analytics Tools for any Business

Knowing your customers is one of the fundamental principles of marketing. For your efforts to be effective you need to know about your customers behaviour. If you are selling online then you will also need to know about how they react and engage with your online advertising and website. 

One of the ways you can gather this information is by using an analytics tool. A good analytics tool will allow you to see your website in a way you’ve never seen it before. You will be able to understand how customers got to your site, what they did when they got there and what factors influenced them in making a purchase. 

Top Website Analytics Insights

For websites in particular, it’s very important to be able to understand how your customers are behaving online. Where in a physical retail location you can see issues like when queues build up and when customers can’t find products. This kind of insight isn’t available online without the use of an analytics tool. Some of the most useful website metrics are covered off below.

Where Your Users Came From

People will find you website in a mixture of different ways. They may come through a search engine or they may come to your website directly. Knowing this is crucial because it will help you to identify which marketing channels are most effective and which are the best at converting. A tool like will even be able to tell you which type of website browser is giving you a better conversion rate. 

Time Spent on a Page

As well as driving users to your website you want to know that when they get there you are providing them with the information they want. Looking at a metric like time spent on a page can be beneficial because it can help you to identify weak or irrelevant content on your website. It can also be a sign that you are attracting the wrong website visitors. 

New Website Visitors

Being able to see the percentage of new visitors to your website is hugely beneficial because without new users, you will have issues with making sales. If you keep getting the same repeat visitors to you site then you may have a problem with your marketing in that you are not attracting new customers to your site. A returning user metric on your dashboard will help you to identify where marketing budget needs to be spent to be the most effective. 

Data Driven Insights

In any retail environment be it online or in store, the customer is king. You therefore must be able to collect and utilize customer insights effectively so that you can grow your businesses successfully. Using an analytics tool in your business is one way to ensure that you are keeping the customer at the forefront of decision making. Providing them with a great customer experience will keep them coming back and will help you to win new business.

4 Ways To Improve Your Employee & Customer Experience

In the world of business, you always need to make sure that you are keeping both your employees and your customers happy. Many businesses forget that there are two main groups of people that need to be happy if the company is to succeed and will place to much focus on just one group. This means that it is worth knowing a few different ways in which you can improve the customer and employee experience, and there are many ways of doing this which could deliver powerful long term results for the business and ensure that everyone is happy and content at all times.

1. Seek Feedback

One of the most obvious ways to improve the experience of both the consumer and the employee is to ask for feedback. This can be daunting, but it is important for identifying areas in which you could make improvements.

2. Improve The Office

Making improvements to the office is smart because it will improve both the customer and employee experience. Employees spend the majority of their week in the office, so it will be much better for them if this is somewhere comfortable, welcoming, and well-equipped. From the customer’s point of view, this can help to make a good first impression, and it will ensure that they are dealing with staff who are happy and content. A few ideas for improving the office include:

  • Maximizing natural light
  • Upgrading the furniture
  • Potted plants
  • Personal decoration
  • Using an open plan office

3. Improve Communication

Communication is key to success in the business world and a great way to improve both customer and employee experience. Increasing face-to-face communication is a smart idea for forging important relationships, but you should also think about ways in which you can improve digital comms. One highly effective strategy for this is to use a service like which can automate communication flows between business systems and customers with text, email and voice messaging. This can reduce operating costs, improve the customer experience, optimize process efficiency and much more.

4. Host Events

Hosting events is an intelligent idea which can bring a host of benefits to the company. First, it is a good idea in terms of improving morale and team-building, but it is also highly effective for advertising the company. It will also paint your company as a brand that cares about its target customer. This will allow customers and employees to relax and socialise, which can break down barriers and create a powerful relationship between business and customer. There are all kinds of events to consider, including:

  • BBQs
  • Launch parties
  • Workshops
  • Fun days
  • Festivals

Taking steps to improve the employee and customer experience is important and a great way to improve your company. In order for any business to grow and succeed, both of these groups will have to be happy and content, but this requires constant work. The above are a few ideas which should help with both the employee and customer experience so you should soon start to see results after trying these ideas.