The Tech Everyone is Talking about in 2019

The tech-savvy and gadget-obsessed will undoubtedly be on the look-out for most notable tech and gadget releases of 2019. Below are a few examples of the most impressive tech to make its way onto the market this year, all of which have got people talking and hurrying to invest. Will you follow suit?

Lenovo Smart Clock

Just when you thought that your smartphone had completely replaced any need for an alarm clock, the Lenovo Smart Clock hit the shelves in June 2019 – and has been flying off them ever since! This clever clock is equipped to operate Google Assistant, is capable of charging your phone, wakes you up with a gradually brightening clock face before setting off your alarm and, of course, tells time. Believe it or not, while the Lenovo Smart Clock’s specs are endlessly impressive, its real appeal lies in its minimalistic design which is reminiscent of an old-school alarm clock and is guaranteed to add a nostalgic charm to your bedside table.

New iPhone Cases

The new iPhone cases by Bodyguardz do so much more than simply protect your favorite device from damage. Many of these innovative smartphone accessories come with advanced technology for improved functionality and convenience. For example, some come with a wrist strap that can be easily removed or attached as needed. This wrist strap aids in reducing the risk of accidentally dropping your phone, whether you’re using your phone at home or out and about, therefore making it a top choice for runners and people who work on their devices while on the go. 

Waverly Ambassador Translator

Say good-bye to language barriers for good with the new Waverly Ambassador Translator. It’s an amazing little gadget that has the ability to translate speech on the spot. It has a hygienic over-the-ear design to allow for seamless sharing and has been programmed to translate dozens of languages and dialects, thus allowing you to communicate effectively with practically anyone and everyone at any time. While it is still in its very early stages of development, the reviews on the product are promising overall. So, if you’re someone who travels frequently or who deals with people from different countries for business purposes on a regular basis, it’s definitely worthwhile to give it a go and see if it works for you.

Ember 14 oz. Temperature Control Mug

Moms around the globe who are used to drinking their coffee cold after attending to the needs and demands of their children all morning long will certainly appreciate the masterpiece that is the Ember 14 oz. Temperature Control Mug. In essence, this mug utilizes internal heating technology to keep your beverage a specific temperature for up to an hour after making it. It allows you to adjust your ‘perfect’ temperature as you prefer it, from between 120°F – 145°F. The battery life lasts 60 minutes, or you can keep the mug on its charging coaster for all-day use. Furthermore, it’s safe to hand wash and you can control it with your smartphone!

Talk about awe-inspiring technology! Don’t forget to update your wish list.

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