Advanced SEO That Will Change Your Rankings in the Long Term

If you have been a webmaster for some time, you’ll know two things about SEO: that it is essential for good search ranking performance and that it is a constantly evolving practice. If you want to keep yourself at the top of the rankings, you need to be on top of your SEO game. That means going beyond the simple tricks that your competitors are probably implementing. If you are looking to apply some advanced SEO techniques to help you get an edge over your competition, you should look into the following:

In-Depth User Analysis 

Google and other search engines will prioritize your site if it clearly brings value to its users, so something you should do that goes beyond the average competitor is in-depth user analysis. You should already be doing A/B testing, but you really need to know your site’s visitors to give them what they really want.

A good idea is to sign up to a platform like Quora and review the questions that people are asking around your niche. If you know the answer to these questions — answer them as a profile from your website to help cement you as an expert, but most importantly, get a good sense of what people feel and want. Once you know the real problems that people are facing, why not give solutions in your site’s blog? This is a great way of providing very real value to visitors.

Fix Your Page Speed 

This is a basic problem, but one that people don’t optimize again and again. Your page should be lightning-fast. If it has lots of different media components, find a way to compress them. Compress all your code.

As ALT Agency outlines in their great PDF guide, page speed can greatly influence your rankings. Visitors will avoid you if you don’t give them the content they want as fast as possible. Page speed is especially important as Google uses it to indicate which sites perform well on mobiles.

It’s no secret that they prioritize sites that work great on mobile devices. Google likely measures the time it takes to load the first byte of information when it crawls through pages, so to make sure that everything is indexed properly, you should make your site as fast as humanly possible.

Utilize a Landing Page 

Landing pages are different to home pages and they serve a great role if you want to improve your SEO as well as your sales. A good landing page should ensure that the user does not need to navigate through the site; it should give them useful content and should finish in a call to action that helps you convert them into paying customers or potential customers, with email addresses or contact information.

Landing pages are great because unlike a homepage, you can create many different landing pages for different situations and each one opens up a gateway for incoming, valuable traffic. Landing pages allow you to initiate a relationship with a visitor, but they also tend to attract inbound links if they portray informative content in an easy-to-digest manner.

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