Referral Spammers, no more!

If you looked at your analytics data recently and looked at your referral section, probably you have noticed some strange referrals from websites that you cannot identify why they should send you visitors!


We are strictly against spam and automated bots in hitsteps and we are against this method of referral spamming too. as you know, your analytics number and list of online users only reflect your true human visitors and you won’t see bots, spammers and spiders in your web statistics.

These services are not actually sending you real traffic! we have analyzed all traffics coming from them for all of our customers and we noticed a bounce rate of 100%, it means all visitors come through them close website as soon as it is loaded. this is highly unlikely scenario from human-line browsing.

so why they do this? They are actually advertising to you. this way, they can show their name to you in your statistics report. so you get curious and follow up to see who are they and visit their website! so this way they increase their visibility not only in hitsteps, all other analytics such as google analytics, piwik and … too, as they show them as your top referral once they have send enough (useless and bounced!) traffic to you.

We don’t know how they send this traffic to you, but we assure you this traffics are spam and therefore their name in your referral section is spam as well, as a result we have took necessary action to protect our users from spam statistics and continue to provide real human web analytics.

Starting from today, this referrals won’t show up as your online visitor, won’t count as a pageview and won’t show up in your referrals in hitsteps.

If you are only using hitsteps, then you are protected!

Jetpack Contact Form Analytics

We have received many positive responses from you when we first launched WooCommerce order analytics, Ninja form, Gravity forms and Contact form 7 email analytics last month, and today we are excited to announce Integration with Automattic Jetpack for WordPress.

Grab Hitsteps latest WordPress plugin and it will automatically integrate visitor IP address, Visitor name (if they registered or leave comment), Device info, Visit path and much more in your incoming emails.

If you not willing to receive analytics informations, but want to use hitsteps, you can turn this feature off in WordPress Setting of Hitsteps.

WooCommerce Integration

Hitsteps now Integrate with Contact form 7, Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms as well as WooCommerce New Order Emails in WordPress, so you will receive your customer full detail including IP Address, Location, Device and Browser Info, also their First Visit date and time, first referrer and first landing page, and list of their recent pageviews in your email when they buy from you or contact you!

Knowing source of your true customers never been easier. Helping and answering your visitors question could be more accurate and helpful when you know which pages they see before contacting you.

Grab your updated copy of Hitsteps WordPress plugin from here

Contact Form Analytics

We are proud to release a new product from hitsteps, Contact form analytics!

Please go to and update to newest version of Hitsteps plugin.

Have you ever wish to know more about those who email you from your website? Did you wish that there was an easy way to track those users, know their viewed pages, their device setting, their activity on your site, so that you can answer them and help them better? We are here to help!

If you been using hitsteps before, you know that we have advanced and very detailed web analytics system. Now that we have integrated contact forms with this analytics tool, Hitsteps will not change look of your current forms, it is just an invisible piece of code but it will revolutionize your contact form emails!

Currently we do support Gravity forms and our team is working on Contact form 7 support at moment., Contact form 7 plugins for WordPress. Custom API will be available for developers soon, so that you can integrate it to any website and web service.

Once you install hitsteps analytics plugin and enable hitsteps widget in your contact form, you will be able to have something like above screenshot in all emails send from your website, happy supporting your customers even better than past, from now on!


We have switched to HTTPS (and why you should switch too)


Hitsteps had HTTPS since beginning when we launch our service two years ago, but now it is default protocol for all new users. All new users who open hitsteps, they will automatically get forwarded to https version of our service. You can choose to view normal HTTP version if you would like to, after you logged in, but that would be your own choice (and we won’t ask you why!)

HTTPS sites will have extra boost for their ranking, it is not some myth SEO science, it is directly quoted by Google’s official blog. It is a rare thing that Google tell businesses how to improve their SEO,  and we are glad that Google announced this one publicly, as it is for goods of our clients, YOU and help have a safer web overall.

over the past few months we’ve been running tests taking into account whether sites use secure, encrypted connections as a signal in our search ranking algorithms. We’ve seen positive results, so we’re starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal.
Quoted by Zineb Ait Bahajji and Gary Illyes in Google’s blog

so, did you get the hint? What are you waiting for!? contact your web hosting or developer and ask for HTTPS! If you are a hitsteps analytics user, please make sure HTTPS visitors tracking is supported in your current license to avoid missing any hits from being counted.

Hitsteps is faster than ever!

We have implemented few layer of optimization as well as active CDN networks in more than 33 countries around the world.

Our tracking code javascript have been automatically moved to CDN networks and it will load faster for your visitors result in faster load time for your website.

Additionally, all of hitsteps dashboard content will be cached in a CDN just near your location as well as your own browser, so you can expect very fast switching between sections of dashboard.

No matter where you are from, CloudFlare service will detect your location and serve our website to you at fastest speed possible.

Be careful, it is fast. don’t drink and analyze!

Web Analytics Whitelabel API

We are ready to expand and partner with be your new partner. Hitsteps have a new set of API functions that allow you to control almost everything which is related to your whitelabel brand and users under your whitelabel.

Our API command set is in PHP but it get input as POST return all data as JSON which make it up for a peaceful integration with almost every programming languages.

Here is list of commands we are currently offering (As of May 2015): Token based authentication, Search Account by Email, ID or Tracking API Key, Get account info, Get API Key from URL, Get list of tracking websites, Get list of accounts, Change email and password of users, Create a new account, Add a new website for tracking, Activate trial, Activate License for a specific duration, Convert licenses, get list of available plans, Get last 7 days pageviews and visits of websites, get auto-authenticated link to all report pages.

We have a full set of plugins we offer for WordPress and Joomla which we can rebrand them at your request. Are you ready? drop us a hint!

Hablamos Español!

Hola! We welcome a new language to join hitsteps list of languages! We officially support spanish language now.

This change has been applied automatically to all of our spanish speaking customers. You can change dashboard language using a dropdown box which we have put at bottom left of our homepage.

We have went ahead and applied multi-language support for our WordPress plugins, yes that is correct! Now you can have our chat widget and statistics widget in spanish language.

These widgets have ability to auto-detect your visitors location and show proper language to them. So chat interface will be in Spanish language for those who are in spanish speaking countries, German to german speaking countries and English to rest of world. or you can manually set language for them in WordPress Admin Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets

Google Chrome is still leader in browsers war

It was not long ago when all of us web developers were screaming and pulling out our hairs over Internet Explorer!

Those days are gone! According to latest updates, Internet Explorer share on browser usage is falling more and more each month. It’s only Advantage is being built in into Windows computers. New version of Internet Explorer 10, is not a bad browser at all, but it’s name still remind us of those sleepless nights trying to fix that small yet big problem in Internet Explorer. We hope that Microsoft’s new browser, Spartan Browser, can come into market as a brand new and bugless browser.

According to Hitsteps Analytics, Google chrome is now leader in Browsers war owning more than half of the market. Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer have an equal usage rate which is slightly less than Google Chrome. Google Chrome being fast and updated regularly with latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, make it popular among users and developers. We hope Spartan browser don’t fall short in this war.

It is very sad to see Opera browser still couldn’t gain any popularity. Recently, Opera ditched it’s own Presto engine in favor of Webkit (used by Google Chrome and Safari) to be able concentrate more on GUI and other aspects of browsers, however, this decision didn’t improve any of it’s ranks in browsers war.

Hitsteps analytics monitor type of devices such as Desktop, Tablet and Mobile phone, therefor we can give following statistics about users device. as you can see, Desktop have biggest rate among our users.

Will Google Chrome stay leader in browsers war? It’s likely to stay leader and we hope so.


Why Do Web Analytics Give Different Numbers

Here is a fact. If you install 10 different web analytics in your website, you are going to get 10 different numbers!

It is a common question for those who discover world of analytics and go beyond using Google Analytics as only option. We at Hitsteps Analytics receive this question way often, so we have decided to describe it here over our blog. Your question is usually “Shouldn’t they report same number of visitors?”

In theory, yes, they should! but there are many facts to consider. The way each analytics service collect data, how we determine a returning visitor as a visitor versus continue of previous session thus, it don’t end up as new visitor and the way we filter the data. (yes, we do and we do it for good reasons)

Way we collect data is using Javascript and img tags. If user don’t have javascript installed, we can still track user using img tag. (think of old browsers and WAP mobile users) however many other analytics services, doesn’t collect information from img tags and simply ignore those visitors.

If you have used log based analytics such as AWstats, they give you information about every single hits even on each images and background images and it cause numbers to go crazy high but then it is not accurate when we consider proxies and cache servers. Once a page is cached, it will be served via cache and it won’t hit the server and therefor, AWstats and similiar log based analytics, won’t know about it and data is missing from reports.

Javascript based analytics (such as Google Analytics, Clicky and Hitsteps Analytics) overcomes this by having browser itself trigger event that record the transaction. Again, how it is done can influence what is shown in reports. Most of other analytics softwares missing data from visitors without Javascripts. Hitsteps use alternative img based tracking to make browser trigger event and record the transaction.

Then, we come to position of the codes. We believe analytics shouldn’t reduce speed of your website, so we only load code after webpage is fully opened. It will cause those who close website before it load not to be tracked. some other analytics might track those users in expense of slower website load time.

All web analytics use rules to detect if a returning visitor pageview should be considered as a new visit or just continue of last session. They usually have a timeout of 30 minutes or so to consider new pageview as a new visit. However in hitsteps, we continuously ping visitors (that is how we calculate most accurate bounce rate) to see if visitor is still on your website. so we won’t count your visitor as new visit if he kept website open. (you can see list of idle visitors in your hitsteps dashboard)

Next step is the way we detect a visitor. We use a mix of IP address, cookie and even user agent to make detect if next page view is viewed by same user. Visitors IP Address might change dynamically over mobile network or home networks and some analytics might consider them as a new visitor, yet we have multiple layers to detect same visitor even if IP Address is changed, Cookie is cleared or Useragent is changed (by upgrading to newer version of browser)

And lastly, we do filter your visitors. We have an active anti-spammer and ani-bot filter to make sure your calculated hits are real humans who actually come to your website. We do block all those automated bots who follow a list of victim website to go inside, scan for emails, fill up form with spam emails and such.

That is why sometimes you see differences in your hitsteps dashboard and other analytics. Hitsteps Ultimate Analytics offers accurate, botless analytics reports which numbers differ from basic analytics services.