What Makes an App Engaging for Prospective Users?

App design is a complex, technical process that requires expertise in a number of different areas, including programming and digital design. However, it doesn’t matter how good an app is if nobody is using it.

With so many apps out there, what can developers do to ensure their app grabs the attention of users and motivates them to download it? It can be a tricky thing to get right, so we’ve put together some tips to help you out. Check them out below.

How do Users Find Apps?

Before you can take steps to make your app more engaging for prospective users, it’s important to understand just how users find apps in the first place. Apps are sold on digital stores, such as the App Store or Google Play Store. On these stores, the apps are sorted into lists and charts to allow for easier browsing and exploration. There are various factors that go into where apps are ranked on these lists, with higher positions driving more traffic and downloads towards those particular apps.

App Reviews

Users are free to leave a review of an app they use. These reviews are then displayed on the product page of the app for other users to read. Additionally, the reviews will contribute to the app’s overall rating, which users can check to quickly assess the legitimacy and reliability of an app.

App stores will use these reviews as a factor in where they are ranked in the charts. For new apps that don’t have many or any reviews yet, this can put them at a disadvantage. This is why many developers use services such as apptimizer.net to buy reviews for their app, giving it a head start during the crucial early stages.

App reviews are absolutely crucial and are vital for engaging prospective users and encouraging them to investigate further. If an app has no or poor reviews, a user is likely to simply scroll past it immediately. On the other hand, an app with good reviews indicates quality, making it far more likely for the user to download it.

Product Page

When a user selects an app from one of the lists on a digital store, they will be directed to that app’s dedicated product page. This page contains further details about the app and is designed to offer more information to the user and influence their decision to download.

The design of this product page is crucial. A well-crafted page will be informative and friendly, providing information in an accessible way and answering any questions the user might have about the app.

When creating a product page, ensure you include all relevant information about the function of your app. However, keep things concise. A wall of text will certainly put off a prospective user. Include images of your app as well. This can give users an idea of what the app is like visually when it is in use.


Designing a high-quality app is one thing. Getting people to download it is another. Use the advice in this guide to ensure your app is engaging for prospective users.

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