Four Reasons Why Political Campaigns Should Use SMS Marketing

When fundraising for a political campaign or simply driving to get the message out about your candidate, SMS marketing is one of the best ways around. If you are thinking of trying to promote your political message through SMS marketing or looking to ramp up your existing SMS plans, this guide has been designed to provide the crucial information as to why it is so effective. Read on now to learn about four reasons why every political campaign should be using SMS marketing.

It Captures People without Internet or Smartphones

Not everyone has a smartphone or reliable internet connection. Nonetheless, nearly everyone will have some kind of working phone with an SMS connection. That’s why it makes sense to develop your SMS marketing, collecting people’s numbers while going door-to-door. This means that you will be able to pick up on people from a lower-class background or of an older age and let them know all about your campaign. If you are not sure how to develop your mobile fundraising campaign, why not consider trying mobile fundraising with Anedot, a respected company with plenty of experience in this field.

It’s Direct

SMS marketing is direct, which is what political campaigns need if they want to thrive. People value communication that gets to the point, is short and concise, and quickly conveys the message. It also serves as a crucial reminder to people who may have forgotten about you, conveying the fact that you care about their opinion and want to hear more from them. Just remember to get the name of the people you collect these phone details from, so when you address them:

It Feels Personable

People value communication that feels personable. This shows that they are not another voter to win over, but someone important in their own right. A way to make it really feel like you are talking to the person who you contact is to allow them to reply to the text so you can get a conversation going. You’ll be surprised by the amount of undecided voters who may change their affiliation if they feel that they can actually have a proper conversation with campaigners. One by one, you will find that you can slowly swing the favor of the vote your way.

It Allows You To Collect Data

As both the 2016 and 2020 national campaigns have shown, data is the secret weapon for winning an election. By using text marketing, you are able to build metrics that can then be converted into crucial campaign data. The more you know about your prospective voters — and their breakdown by race, age, and gender — the more you can tailor your messages to truly resonate with them. Make sure that when you are using two-way marketing to ask lots of questions of the person who has replied in order to get a full picture of their concerns and to then use that data to your advantage later on.

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